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Car Accident Insurance Claim Denials in No-Fault States
Car Accident Insurance Claim Denials in No-Fault States

If you live in a no-fault state, you may think you’ll be able to rely on your insurance company in the event that you are injured in a car accident . Without the need to prove fault or negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company, you may feel confident in your ...

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  • Can You Sue a Drunk Driver for Negligence in a No-Fault State?

    In no-fault states, you do not need to prove the liability of another driver in order to recover compensation. You can file a claim with your ...

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  • Can the Person on the Other End of the Phone be at Fault for a Distracted Driving Accident?

    It is well known that texting, or using a cellphone for any purpose, is one of the most dangerous things a person can do while driving. In cases of ...

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  • Breathalyzer Test for Marijuana is in Development

    In recent years, states have relaxed their regulations on the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. As marijuana legalization is ...

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  • What is the Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim in New York?

    If you’ve been injured in an accident, you could be facing significant costs, emotional trauma, lost income, and much more. A personal injury claim is ...

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  • 5 Things to Photograph at a Car Accident Scene

    After a car accident , your head may be swimming. It can be a challenge to remember all the details of an accident, even when only a few hours has ...

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  • Why You Should Never Say "Sorry" After an Accident

    There is no shortage of confusion, stress, and adrenaline after a car accident. Unfortunately, this all can be very disorienting and may cause you to ...

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  • Avoiding Distracted Driving Accidents

    As a driver, avoiding an accident is probably a significant concern. After all, insurance costs and medical bills are expensive, but accidents can ...

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  • The Costs of Texting and Driving

    Cell phone use is one of the leading causes of distracted driving , which is why New York strictly enforces laws regarding mobile device use while ...

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  • Can I Sue if I Was in an Accident with a Taxi Driver?

    What to Do When Involved in a Taxi Accident In Brooklyn, taxis are everywhere, and their prevalence increases the likelihood of being in an accident ...

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