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Can You Sue Someone for Causing Stress in New York?
Can You Sue Someone for Causing Stress in New York?

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress vs. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress Stress is a part of life. There are so many things in our lives that bring us stress, and this includes other people. In most circumstances, a person simply stressing you out with ...

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  • Do Pre-existing Conditions Affect Personal Injury Claims?

    How to Use Medical Records to Help You Recover Compensation The purpose of a personal injury claim, like the ones our team handles at Belushin Law ...

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  • What Are the Most Common Medical Errors?

    How Medical Malpractice Can Affect Patients An estimated 225,000 people every year die due to medical malpractice, according to an article published ...

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  • What Counts as Property Damage?

    Injury To Personal Property Definition Property damage involves physical damage to tangible property, which is items that can be touched or felt, ...

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  • What Are the Benefits of Police Wearing Body Cameras?

    Documenting Cases of Police Brutality It’s no secret that police brutality incidents are tragic occurrences that have been plaguing our nation. A ...

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  • What to Do in a Bus Accident

    Causes of Bus Accidents Although buses are generally considered safer than cars, as backed by researchers from the Universite de Montreal Public ...

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  • Long-Term Injury Compensatory Damages

    When it comes to personal injuries occurring in accidents, such as motor vehicle crashes, these injuries can often end up being long-term or even ...

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  • Rideshare Accidents – Why You Need an Attorney

    Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft have become popular across the U.S. due to the affordable and quick transportation they provide. Rideshare ...

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  • What Damages Can be Recovered for Disfigurement?

    Heavy scarring and disfigurement can have lifelong consequences for victims. These injuries can be quite painful to recover from and may cause ...

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  • Can I File a Claim for Hearing Loss?

    There is a reason our hearing is a cherished sense, and many people fear the loss of it. Hearing loss can happen naturally over time, occur due to ...

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