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Can I File a Workers’ Comp Claim if I’m Injured in a Car Accident While On the Job in New York?

Two women getting out of their cars holding their heads after being involved in a car wreck.

Every year in New York, employees get injured in car accidents while on the job. These accidents not only cause physical and emotional pain for the employees but can also lead to financial trouble because of the medical bills and lost wages. Many employees wonder if they are eligible for workers’ comp if they get injured in a car accident while on the job. In this blog post, we will discuss the eligibility criteria for workers’ comp involving a car accident, the process of filing a claim in New York, and how a workers’ comp attorney can be of help.

What You Need to Know About Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim if You’re Injured in a Car Accident While On the Job in New York

If you get injured in a car accident while on the job in New York, you may be eligible for workers’ comp. The following are a few things you need to know before you file a workers’ compensation claim in New York:

  • Eligibility Criteria for Workers’ Comp: Workers’ comp is a type of insurance that provides medical care, wage replacement, and other benefits to employees who get injured or sick because of their job. To be eligible for workers’ comp, your injury must be work-related. That means that you were injured while performing work-related duties or were on a work-related mission. If you were injured in a car accident while on the job, your injury is work-related if you were driving a company car or were driving your personal car for work purposes, such as delivering goods or visiting clients. If you were commuting to or from work, your injury is not work-related, and you are not eligible for workers’ comp.
  • Process of Filing a Claim: The process of filing a workers’ comp claim for a car accident injury is similar to other types of work-related injuries. You need to report your injury to your employer as soon as possible and seek medical attention. Your employer will provide you with a workers’ comp claim form that you need to fill out and submit to the workers’ comp board or your employer’s insurance carrier. The form should include information about the accident, your injury, and the medical treatment you received. You should also attach any medical bills or receipts that you have.
  • How a Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Help: Filing a workers’ comp claim for a car accident injury can be complicated, and the insurance company may try to minimize your benefits or deny your claim. That’s why it’s essential to hire a workers’ comp attorney who has experience in handling car accident injury cases. A workers’ comp attorney can help you fill out the claim form correctly and negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement. They can also represent you in court if the insurance company denies your claim.

Contact Belushin Law Firm, P.C. if you have any questions about workers’ comp or need legal representation for your claim. Remember, workers’ comp is there to help you recover from a work-related injury, and you have every right to receive benefits.

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