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Construction Worker Falls to Death in Queens

Two construction workers working at a construction site near sunrise.

Earlier this year, tragedy struck at a construction site in Queens. According to NBC 4 in New York, a construction worker lost his life when he fell down a shaft while working at a Queens construction site. Per the report, the shaft that the worker fell down was around 20 feet deep. The construction site where the incident occurred was located in Ridgewood near the intersection of Myrtle Avenue and St. Nicholas Avenue.

Reportedly, the construction worker who fell was on the ground floor of a building on the site when the accident happened. He was moving a plywood board when he slipped and fell down a nearby hole into the basement. The construction worker was in his 30s and had a wife and children.

This was the second accident that has occurred at this construction site this year. The previous incident involved a fence gate falling and hitting a worker. That worker was injured in the accident but didn’t lose his life.

As of this report, the Department of Buildings is investigating the conditions on the construction site and trying to determine if those conditions contributed to either construction accident.

How Do Workers’ Comp Death Benefits Work in New York?

In New York, if a worker is killed on the job, in many cases, the worker’s spouse, kids, and other dependents are eligible to collect workers’ compensation survivor benefits. These benefits come in the form of weekly payouts. The payouts are equal to two-thirds of the deceased worker’s average salary for the 52 weeks prior to the fatal accident.

If the worker has no spouse, children, or other dependents, then the worker’s surviving parents or estate may be entitled to a $50,000 payout.

In addition to workers’ comp survivor benefits, workers’ compensation covers the cost of funeral expenses if an employee suffers a work-related death.

Survivors must successfully file a workers’ compensation death claim to receive survivor benefits and coverage for funeral costs.

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