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Rideshare Accidents – Why You Need an Attorney

Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft have become popular across the U.S. due to the affordable and quick transportation they provide. Rideshare programs have become especially well-received in metropolitan areas and continue to grow. It is estimated that these services have provided billions of rides to customers across the country from close to four million individuals who work as drivers. It has also been shown that the increase of rideshare programs has also contributed to the number of traffic accidents that occur across the nation, once again mostly in large cities and their surroundings.

While the convenience of rideshare services are a welcome addition to our transportation options, they can also bring complications if you are injured in a rideshare accident. That is because multiple parties may be involved in the accident and the question of whose insurance carrier will be held liable can arise. Many scenarios can occur related to rideshare accidents that will need to be sorted out as to fault and liability.

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Liability in Rideshare Accidents

The various scenarios related to rideshare accidents can include:

  • You are a passenger in a rideshare vehicle involved in a traffic crash between your driver and the driver of another vehicle. The accident has resulted in your injuries. Which driver is responsible for the compensation you need and deserve?
  • You are the driver of a vehicle involved in a traffic crash involving multiple vehicles, one of which is a rideshare driver. The accident has caused your injuries. Fault will need to be determined.
  • You are a pedestrian or bicyclist injured by a rideshare driver in a traffic accident. Is the rideshare driver’s insurance company responsible or is Uber or Lyft responsible?
  • You are a passenger in a vehicle driven by a private individual that is involved in an accident with a rideshare driver. Once again, whose insurance policy will cover the cost of your injuries and losses?

Insurance Coverages for Rideshare Drivers

New York requires all drivers in the state to have insurance coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and death to another person. Rideshare services are considered to be transportation network companies; their coverages for liability depend on whether or not the driver has accepted a customer for a ride. With no passenger in their car, rideshare drivers must have insurance policies that provide a minimum of up to $75,000 per person for bodily injury or fatality to others, $25,000 in property damage coverage, and $150,000 for any instance involving bodily injury or death to more than one individual.

Once a driver has a customer in the car and has begun the trip to the designated destination, the rideshare company (Uber or Lyft) has to be covered for liability at a minimum of $1.25 million as well as another $1.25 million for coverage of uninsured or underinsured drivers.

As you can see, three different insurance coverages are on the line when it comes to a rideshare accident -- the rideshare driver, Uber or Lyft, and/or the driver of the other vehicle. Because of the difficulty of sorting out which company or companies should be held accountable, you should turn to an attorney who is knowledgeable and skilled in this matter. Holding any insurance company liable can be a difficult proposition as these companies would rather not pay out compensation to accident victims.

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