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Long-Term Injury Compensatory Damages

When it comes to personal injuries occurring in accidents, such as motor vehicle crashes, these injuries can often end up being long-term or even permanent in their effects. When this happens, they are known as “residual” injuries. These types of injuries must be accounted for when making a personal injury claim so that you get a fair and just settlement – one that provides compensation for all of your future medical needs and care as well as the pain and suffering and disability that may accompany these types of injuries.

Getting a fair settlement from any personal injury claim is not a given. Insurance companies do not like to compensate accident victims; they generally try to pay out as little as possible to keep their profits high. This is why they have their own legal staffs and their adjusters are trained to settled quickly and as low as possible. Because of this, it is always best to have an attorney who understands how insurance companies operate and who can act as your advocate throughout the settlement process.

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Residual Injuries After an Accident

One common type of residual injury following an accident is that of scarring. Scarring or disfigurement may occur directly from the accident itself or from the surgeries that followed to repair one’s injuries. As a residual injury, scarring, especially when it occurs in a very visible area such as the face, arms, or legs, can have a severely emotionally negative impact on one’s life. Scarring can cause a person to feel embarrassment and lead to isolation, depression, and reduced social interaction. Cosmetic surgeries may be possible and required to repair the damage.

Aside from the mental and emotional aspect of scarring or disfigurement, scarring can also affect the mobility of the affected body part. The lessened mobility could then affect one’s ability to work. For example, scarring from surgery to a knee can lead to mobility problems in the knee for a warehouse worker or a home inspector who must be on his feet all day.

Another example of a residual injury is continued pain, stiffness, or discomfort from injuries to the back or spine. Spinal injuries are always serious due to repercussions they can have on a person’s mobility and nerve sensation. If the accident caused injury to an area of the spine, damage to a vertebra, or damage to a ligament or cartilage in the back or if it caused some type of dislocation to the back, it could lead to ongoing pain. The pain may become lessened over time but then stabilize to a certain lower point. However, it is still pain or discomfort and may also cause a lack of mobility. It also may begin to deteriorate with age.

The above kind of residual injuries generally justify a higher settlement amount in your injury claim as an accommodation. However, they need to be documented by your doctor so that your claim for higher damages can be supported. This is where it pays to have an aggressive attorney who has experience handling personal injury claims.

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It can be overwhelming in trying to handle a personal injury claim when you have been injured, are suffering the ill effects of that injury, and know little about the claims process. In such a situation, you can turn to Belushin Law Firm, P.C. where we have years of experience, the knowledge and legal skills, and the determination to get you the best possible outcome for your case. We deal with insurance companies every day knowing that will generally try to cheat you of what you rightfully deserve. Having our representation can make a significant different in your case results.

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