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Construction Identified as New York City’s Most Dangerous Job


The field of construction is consistently named as one of the most hazardous areas of employment for workers. In New York City, the trend of employee deaths in the construction industry is exhibiting an exponential rise.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more worker injuries and deaths in construction than in any of the thousands of other industries throughout New York City. CBS2 New York reported that in the past five years, construction work injuries have risen by 221%, and fatal accidents have risen by 33%.

As dangerous as the construction industry is, officials in the field of safety regulation are shocked by these statistics. Gary Labarbera, the president of the NYTC Building & Construction Trades Council, stated that despite the city’s ever-expanding need for construction projects, “there shouldn’t be anywhere near this many fatalities.”

Officials say they are working to implement safety initiatives and correct the compliance issues that are present in a quarter of the city’s approximately 45,000 construction sites. Tim Hogan, New York’s deputy commissioner of enforcement for the Department of Buildings, said the organization is completing inspections throughout the area.

The city is also preparing to increase the amount of safety training that is legally required to be completed by workers. Mandatory safety training for construction employees currently totals 10 hours, but there are plans to increase that amount to 40 hours by 2020.

In addition to a lack of safety training, employees cite a pressure to complete projects in a certain timeline as a reason for the high rate of accidents. Workers feel they are rushed to meet deadlines, with minimal importance placed on safety precautions.

The disregard of worker safety in favor of quickness is inexcusable. Safety should always be a top priority, and employers are eschewing their responsibility to maintain proper work conditions in the pursuit of profit. Contact us if you or someone you love was harmed by this kind of negligence.

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