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Can You File a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit If You Were Jaywalking?

A crosswalk in a city's downtown.

Recently, a tragic bus accident in Brooklyn left a 79-year-old woman dead. According to the New York Post, the deadly accident happened when the bus struck the woman as she was crossing the street. The incident happened around 6 pm on a Thursday. Reportedly, the woman was crossing Flatbush Avenue just prior to the fatal pedestrian accident.

The bus was heading north on Flatbush Avenue leading up to the deadly accident. The bus hit the woman as the vehicle was turning left onto Glenwood Road.

Following the accident, the woman was taken to Kings County Hospital. She was later pronounced dead. The bus driver remained at the scene after the wreck. Reportedly, the woman was jaywalking at the time of the fatal crash.

Can I File a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit If I Was Jaywalking?

Even if you were jaywalking at the time of your pedestrian accident, you may still be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. The fact that you were violating a traffic law may play a role in your case. However, that may not have caused your accident. The driver who hit you may have been able to avoid the wreck even though you were jaywalking. The driver may have been violating traffic laws at the time as well, such as texting and driving, speeding, or driving while intoxicated, and that may have played the greatest role in causing the collision.

Don’t just assume that because you were jaywalking you don’t have a case. Talk to an experienced pedestrian accident attorney first.

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