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Attorney Daniel Berger Featured on News 12 for Pedestrian Accident Case


A 10-year-old boy was allegedly hit by a 36-year-old driver in Canarsie, near the Rockaway Parkway and Seaview Avenue. The driver claims that she did not hit the child, but she did lose control and hit a pole nearby. The child was found lying unconscious in the rain near the middle of the street.

Because the driver did not leave the scene, she was not charged, nor taken into custody. Further details, including the police report, have not yet been released, but the mother is seeking justice. She believes the driver attempted to leave the scene before being thwarted by the pole.

The Full Extent of the Law

The child’s mother has recruited our services at Belushin Law Firm to hold the driver responsible for her son’s accident. Attorney Daniel Berger serves as point on the case and plans to hold the driver “accountable to the full extent of the law,” via punitive and/or compensatory damages.

Car vs. Child

Witnesses claim the boy was crossing against traffic, but Berger says it is “absolutely absurd” to say the child, who has crossed the same street for the last 5 years without issue, played a part in his own accident. Our client agrees, saying there’s no way to compare the driver of a motor vehicle with a 10-year-old child.

Emotional Distress

While the extent of the boy’s injuries has not been confirmed, Berger has affirmed that the child is “emotionally distraught over the incident.”

For updates about the case, be sure to keep up with our blog.

Do You Have a Similar Story?

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