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Why are Brain Injuries Considered Catastrophic?


A catastrophic injury is considered to be any sort of injury that causes you to suffer significantly or indefinitely as a result. There are many types of catastrophic injuries, ranging from third-degree burns to spinal cord injury. However, perhaps the most notable of them all is a brain injury, often called a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in medical and legal settings. Indeed, brain injuries are considered to be a catastrophic injury in virtually every occurrence.

The reason why brain injuries are so catastrophic is that they will all cause significant harm to the victim or patient. By nature of the brain itself, any sort of damage can cause widespread harm and dysfunction. Even a mild concussion can cause you to lose memories, struggle to concentrate, and experience intense migraines, as well as increasing your risk of a subsequent concussion. If you are suspected to have suffered a brain injury in an accident, then responding medical providers will assume it is catastrophic until proven otherwise.

Furthermore, brain injuries are almost-guaranteed to be permanent. The brain cells do regenerate over time, but quite slowly due to the complexity of the nervous system within the brain. A brain injury usually degenerates and spreads to the surrounding cells, even when treated. As the brain cells try to heal, they also worsen at an equal or greater pace. The end result is harm that appears to be permanent, despite a natural healing process occurring.

Secure Strong Representation for Your Brain Injury Claim

Due to the fact that brain injuries are catastrophic by default, the damages caused by such harm will be extensive. You may need lifelong medical care or rehabilitation after a brain injury, and it can also be difficult to hold any sort of gainful employment. If a third party was the cause of your brain injury, then you need to think about how you can hold them accountable for their wrongdoing.

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