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Back Injuries on the Job: What to Do Next


If you work in any occupation or industry that involves some form of manual labor, there exists the risk that you could end up suffering a back injury or some form of spinal cord damage. A single accident could be the cause of the harm, or it could be the end result of many years of repeating the same lifting motion, an injury known as a repetitive stress injury (RSI). Do you know what to do if the unfortunate happens to you one day and you do suffer a back injury while performing job-related duties?

What You Should Know & Do Next

The first thing you should know about back injuries at work is that you need to take care of yourself. Do not hesitate to seek out medical attention as soon as possible to minimize the extent or permanence of your injury. In fact, if you do not see a doctor soon after your injury, then it is likely that your chances of receiving workers’ compensation benefits will be reduced, as the insurer can argue your injury only got as bad as it did because you did not get medical help.

Secondly, you need to tell your supervisor, boss, or employer about your accident or injury as soon as you possible. In most cases of non-severe injuries, workers actually tell their supervisor before they see the doctor. Failing to notify your employer soon after your accident can raise suspicions about when it actually happened. However, if your back injury occurred in an accident that your employer should have reasonably known about without your communication, then you might not be required to tell them directly. For example, if you are a retail worker and you slip and hurt your back at the front of the store with customers and coworkers around, then your supervisor or manager should know about the event just from word of mouth.

Lastly, it is not unusual for workers’ compensation benefits to include the right to complete different types of work while you recover, especially if your recovery will take many weeks or months. This is helpful in back injury cases where manual labor is not an option but there are clerical duties at your workplace, such as computer work. At the same time, always follow your doctor’s instructions for recovery and do not seek out different work duties if you have not been cleared for them.

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