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4 Common Holiday Accidents to Avoid This Winter


From eating delicious meals and opening gifts to taking long road trips, the holidays are spent surrounded by family and friends. Although the winter season is filled with many activities, it is also associated with several dangers that can result in injuries or worse. In order to stay safe during this time of year, awareness and prevention are of utmost importance.

The following are the most common types of accidents that occur during the holidays:

  1. Car accidents – The winter season is also associated with inclement weather. Snow, ice, and sleet can make the roads slippery, which can cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle and crash. Since many people celebrate the holidays consuming alcohol, drunk driving accidents significantly increase from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to the start of a new year. Those embarking on long road trips may fall asleep behind the wheel or constantly glance at their cell phone or GPS device while on the road, resulting in a collision. Think of these potential situations whenever you get behind the wheel to anticipate the unexpected.
  2. Slips, trips, and falls While holiday decorations can make a home the talk of the neighborhood, they also result in thousands of fall-related injuries every single year. The majority of these incidents involve falling off a ladder. Additionally, thousands of injuries each year are caused by tripping over extension cords. As we mentioned before, the winter weather can make roads, sidewalks, and outdoor surfaces slick, which can lead to a slip and fall accident. If you plan to decorate your home, make sure you have a friend or two help out or seek professional help. Always be aware of where you are stepping.
  3. Fires – According to the Electrical Safety Foundation (ESF), over 400 fires a year are caused by Christmas trees and holiday decorations. Christmas trees that are dehydrated and not watered consistently can turn into fire hazards when surrounded by lights or candles, or when it’s next to the fireplace. Furthermore, many fires are also started by unattended cooking equipment. If you plan to buy a natural Christmas tree, make sure you water it at least once a day. If you want an artificial tree, it must have a “fire retardant” label attached. Remain in the kitchen when you are cooking food and never leave until it is done.
  4. Food poisoning – Since the holidays typically involve delicious meals, food poisoning is another common injury that people suffer from during this season. Food poisoning may be caused by undercooked food, food that hasn’t been stored properly, or even lack of hygiene and sanitation when preparing food. In addition, holiday plants like mistletoe and holly berries are poisonous to both humans and animals. Before you eat, make sure your food is safe for consumption.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury during the holiday season in Brooklyn, contact our experienced personal injury attorney at Belushin Law Firm, P.C. and request a free consultation today.

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