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5 Mistakes to Avoid Making After an Accident


At Belushin Law Firm, we provide high-quality and personalized legal representation to those who have been injured in car accidents in New York. With more than a decade of experience, our legal team understands that we can all make mistakes throughout the personal injury claim process. Unfortunately, these mistakes can either lead to a reduced final settlement amount or even complete denial of benefits.

The following are common mistakes to avoid making after a car accident:

  1. Disclose too much information to the insurance company – Insurance companies are only looking out for their own best interests. If there is any way that they can reduce or deny your claim, they won’t hesitate to do so. Avoid talking about the specifics of your case or admit any sort of fault. Only provide the minimum amount of information necessary to file a claim.
  2. Release your medical records to the insurance company – Insurance companies may also ask for copies of medical records or access to your entire patient file. Again, they are only looking for any way to avoid paying your full compensation. If the insurance company asks, you should always refuse.
  3. Go against the doctor’s orders – Not only does the injury recovery process requires medical treatment and physical therapy, but also an ample amount of patience. If you do not take the time to heal properly, you run the risk of worsening your injury. Insurance companies can reduce or deny your claim if you go against the doctor’s orders.
  4. Fail to maintain adequate records – Whether it is the accident police report or photos from the scene, having all of these records can give you an advantage in settlement negotiations.
  5. Fail to fix mistakes – Make sure that all of your records are correct. Failing to correct any mistakes means a potential reduction or denial of your claim.

If you have been injured in a collision caused by a negligent driver, contact our New York City personal injury attorney at Belushin Law Firm today.

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