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Summer Road Trip Prep


One of the most exciting things about the summer is the prospect of endless adventures, vacations, and road trips awaiting you. Road trips are particularly enjoyable options for those who want to explore on a more ground level, as they allow you to circumvent airport hassles and are also a cost-efficient travel alternative. However, road trips can very easily be ruined because of a lack of preparation. Prevention of these common disasters will make your trip all the more memorable for how smoothly it ran.

Make sure to prepare the following possible concerns before you hit the road for your summer road trip:

  • Schedule basic car maintenance
  • Charge and clean your car’s battery
  • Inspect your tires
  • Make sure your brakes aren’t worn down
  • Have an emergency kit on hand with a flashlight, basic tools, first-aid kit, etc.
  • Pack only the necessities
  • Prep food, activities, and snacks if there are children accompanying your trip
  • Follow all driving rules

Contact Our New York City Personal Injury Lawyers Today

At Belushin Law Firm, we feel nothing is worse than building up your excitement for a summer road trip only to have it be let down because of an accident or injury that could have been prevented. However, we also understand accidents happen and sometimes they are due to no fault of your own, and can even be a cause of the negligence of another.

If this is the case, our New York City personal injury lawyers want to help. We firmly believe in advocating for those who deserve compensation for their injuries, medical bills, loss of work, and pain and suffering. Our legal team will apply all of our education, experience, and resources to ensuring you are taken care of as best as possible.

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