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A soft tissue injury usually comes in the form of a sprain or strain of a tendon or muscle in the body. Soft tissues injury can be very painful and can require extensive healing time and physical therapy. Often people are unprepared for the cost and time it can take to recover, taking a toll on them and their family. If you have been injured in an accident and sustained a soft tissue injury, you should speak with a New York injury attorney about filing a claim.

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Cause of Soft Tissue Injuries

There are many different causes of soft tissue injuries. In a car accident, the force on the neck and back from the abrupt movement on a car on impact cause severe strain on the muscles and bones in the back and neck. This particularly dangerous in high speed accidents or rear-end accidents, which put an unnatural stress on the body. Victims of the injuries can sustain more serious neck and back injuries depending on the location of their head and neck at the time of impact.

One example of a type of accident that causes severe neck pain in many drivers is when a driver is merging onto an adjacent road, looking over their shoulder, and they are rear-ended by another vehicle. The position of the head and neck at the time of impact can cause serious soft tissue damage to the driver.

Car accidents are not the sole cause of soft tissue accidents. A person can sustain serious injuries in:

How Can a Dedicated Attorney Help You?

Soft tissue is muscle and tendons throughout the body. Any area of the body can have a soft tissue injury, but some of the most common areas are the legs, arms, back, and neck. In a car accident, many victims suffer back and neck soft tissue injuries, but can also sprain or strain their ankles, knees, shoulders, and many other body parts. While some soft tissue injuries get better on their own, many require medical treatment.

When a car accident victim has a soft tissue injury, they often require pain medication, icing of the affected areas, rest and elevation of the affected areas, and potentially chiropractic therapy or physical therapy.Insurance companies for car accidents and other types of accidents will try to downplay the victim’s injury in an effort to minimize the settlement paid out. If you have suffered a soft tissue injury, you need a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer who understands your injury and who will fight to get you maximum soft tissue injury settlement.

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