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What Should I Do If I’m in a Truck Accident Involving a Chemical Spill?


According to WTEN-TV, there was a truck accident involving a chemical spill in Plattekill, New York. The hazmat truck crash happened on Interstate 87. Reportedly, the tractor-trailer truck, which was carrying paint thinners and paint, spontaneously combusted while traveling down I-87. Per the report, flames burst from the vehicle and hazardous chemicals spilled onto the road. Fire and hazmat crews quickly responded to the scene. They were able to get the fire under control and extinguished. The driver was not injured in the incident, and no other vehicles or people were involved in the wreck. As of this report, cleanup of the site was ongoing.

What to Do If You’re in a Truck Accident Involving a Chemical Spill

Regular car and truck accidents are chaotic enough without adding other dangerous factors to the situation. Unfortunately, as the story stated earlier proves, even if we don’t want difficult factors introduced into an already stressful and dangerous situation, they can make an appearance anyway. For that reason, we should all learn how to deal with the aftermath of a hazmat truck accident. So, here are a few tips for what to do if you’re in a truck accident involving a chemical spill:

  • Evacuate – Everyone who is physically able should get clear of the chemical spill. In addition, if you or the truck driver have access to protective gear, such as hazmat suits or gas masks, you may need to put them on and/or provide them for others at the scene.
  • Call 911 – Call the police and/or 911 to report the accident. Make sure to report if anyone needs medical attention and let them know that there are hazardous chemicals at the scene.
  • Seek Medical Attention – If you or anyone else is injured, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.
  • Document the Scene – Take pictures of the accident scene, damage to the vehicles, and any injuries you and any of your passengers suffered in the crash.
  • Exchange Information – Exchange contact and insurance information with the truck driver and any other drivers involved in the collision. Also, get the contact information of any potential witnesses at the scene.
  • Report the Accident to Your Insurance – Call your insurance provider and report the accident. You may also be able to use your insurance company’s smartphone app to report the incident if you prefer.
  • Don’t Talk to Representatives for the Trucking Company – If you are approached by the trucker’s insurance company or anyone representing the trucking company, do not speak with them until after you have met with an experienced truck accident attorney. You need to know your rights and what’s in your best interests before speaking with the trucking company’s representatives.
  • Don’t Leave Too Soon – There are several reasons why you should stay near the accident scene after the wreck. The police need a statement from you, and you need a police report to give to your insurance company. Also, you may have been exposed to hazardous chemicals, and may need to quarantine, receive medical treatment, or follow certain protocols before you can be released from the scene.

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When regular people are involved in truck accidents, the results can be devastating and life altering. Passenger vehicles and pickup trucks are not meant to handle collusions with tractor-trailer trucks. In many cases, truck accident victims are left with lifelong injuries, including a mountain of unaffordable medical bills and rehabilitation expenses. Plus, trucking companies and their insurance carriers employ legal teams who handle cases like this daily. They know how to shift the blame for the accident to the victims, and many are not above doing so.

Our truck accident attorneys at Belushin Law Firm have over 75 years of combined legal experience, and our firm has been protecting the rights of accident victims and their families for 20 years. We have taken on trucking companies and their insurers, and we know their tactics and how to successfully fight back against them. Our legal team is prepared to go to war for you. We will fight tooth and nail to hold the trucking company accountable for your injuries and secure the compensation you need for hospital bills, loss of income, physical therapy costs, and pain and suffering.

For more information about Belushin Law Firm, check out our reviews and visit our case results page. To speak with one of our experienced truck accident lawyers about your situation, call us at (888) 918-9890 or contact us online. We offer complimentary consultations, and we are available 24/7 to help.

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