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New York Megabus Accident: Can Passengers Sue?

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Early in August, a Megabus traveling from New York City to Philadelphia, and carrying a driver and 22 passengers, was involved in a horrific wreck on the New Jersey Turnpike. According to WNBC in New York, the bus accident happened when the Megabus and a Ford F-150 pickup truck collided. The collision occurred in Woodbridge Township on the southbound entrance ramp to the Thomas Edison Service Area.

When the bus and pickup truck collided, it resulted in the bus getting flipped over. Reportedly, two bus passengers died in the crash. In addition, 15 passengers and the bus driver sustained injuries in the wreck. The driver of the F-150 escaped the incident without injury. At the time of this report, law enforcement was still investigating the cause of the accident.

Common Causes of New York Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can happen for one of several reasons. The following are a few common causes of bus accidents in New York:

  • Bus Driver Error – Bus drivers are human and can make mistakes. In some cases, a bus driver gets behind the wheel even though they’re too tired to drive and causes a wreck. Bus drivers can also become distracted while driving and cause an accident.
  • Poorly Maintained Buses – Like our own vehicles, buses must be properly maintained. If they’re not, they may not operate safely, which could cause an accident. Bus companies are responsible for maintaining their buses. If they don’t, that negligence could lead to a bus accident and injuries or deaths.
  • Defective Components – If a bus has defective tires or brakes, that could lead to the bus having an accident. Ensuring bus components aren’t defective is the responsibility of manufacturers and bus companies. When defective components lead to bus crashes, manufacturers and bus companies can often be held responsible for any resulting injuries or fatalities.

In many cases, if a bus driver’s or bus company’s negligence caused a bus accident, passengers who were injured in the wreck, or the families of passengers who died in the bus crash, may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death lawsuit against the bus company.

To know for sure if you have a case against a bus company, you should have an experienced bus accident attorney examine the details of your situation. A lawyer will be able to determine if you have a viable claim and help you pursue the best option for holding those at fault for the accident and your injuries legally accountable.

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