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Fireworks Safety Tips


Fireworks can be a fun, festive addition to your Fourth of July celebrations, but thousands of Americans are injured in fireworks-related incidents every year. Even the “safe and sane” varieties can still cause serious injuries. To ensure that your celebrations stay safe, we’re sharing our top tips to prevent fireworks injuries this summer. Here are some ways you can protect your family.

  • Watch children carefully when there are fireworks present. Children are commonly injured because they don’t always understand the dangers of fireworks. If there are fireworks nearby, watch all children closely and keep them a safe distance away. Never allow children to set off or handle firework, even when they aren’t lit.
  • Clear the area when using fireworks. This means you should only set off fireworks in a clear area, free from structures, trees, flammable materials, and people. Dirt, gravel, or pavement are the best surfaces to use fireworks on.
  • Always follow manufacturer directions and never modify fireworks. If a firework has been designed to be used in a specific manner, follow the instructions to avoid dangerous accidents. Never cut or change the firework in any way, or use damaged fireworks.
  • Always keep water buckets, a hose, a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, or another method to put out fires and sparks on hand. If a fire starts, you will need to act quickly, so it’s best to plan ahead. You should also designate someone to serve as a “fire safety” and be in charge of handling a fire extinguisher or water source so they can jump in immediately.
  • Check your local ordinances regarding fireworks before starting. Illegal fireworks can mean heavy penalties!
  • When using fireworks, keep them clear of your body. Never stand over fireworks, hold lit fireworks, or put lit fireworks in containers. The resulting injuries can be devastating.
  • Keep spectators back at least 50 feet. This includes children and adults alike. If a firework doesn’t work properly, it’s important to have a safety zone to prevent injuries.
  • Never use fireworks under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Impaired judgment, poor coordination, and slowed reactions are often the effects of alcohol and many illicit substances. These don’t mix well with dangerous explosions, sparks, and fire.
  • Never dispose of fireworks in a bonfire, your household trash, or near flammable materials. The safest way to handle damaged or used fireworks is to submerge them in water in metal, air-tight container to render them unable to light. This can prevent accidental flare-ups.

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