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What to Expect from New York Construction in 2019


From everything we already know, it looks like 2019 is going to be another major year for construction in New York City.

One of several “megaprojects” currently in early stages, the highest profile development is sure to be Amazon’s new headquarters in Long Island City. While it’s still unclear when the tech giant will actually break ground on the project, local residents are already bracing for impact. The Community Advisory Committee will begin meeting as early as this month to examine community-driven input on the project, which aims to eventually build 8 million square feet of office space. In addition, Amazon has announced plans to donate over 500,000 square feet in public improvements, including a school, light manufacturing space, a community facility workspace, an art and tech accelerator space, and public open space.

Meanwhile, architects for the Sunnyside Yards initiative will begin making a master plan for the site, which will span over 180 acres of rail yard parts of Long Island City and Sunnyside. The project will eventually result in 24,000 new homes, 19 schools, and 52 acres for a public park.

The Sunnyside Yards project’s inspiration, the Hudson Yards, will continue to undergo changes, with residents moving into the tower at 55 Hudson Yards starting this month. Then, in March, the Yards’ public square and gardens will open to the public, along with a string of shops and restaurants. Another 143 condos at Hudson Yards will also hit the market in 2019, along with the property’s Equinox hotel, and eventually an observation deck. Construction will also begin on the east yard, from 30th to 33rd streets between 11th and 12th avenues, eventually concluding in Hudson Yards’ gigantic second half.

The former SPURA site, now renamed Essex Crossing, will open various businesses this year, in addition to apartments at 125 Delancey Street. By the end of the year, affordable senior living, a rooftop farm, and a public park will also become part of Essex Crossing.

The World Trade Center campus is slated for big changes as well, following years of budget issues. The World Trade Center Performing Arts Center is currently undergoing below-grade construction, with the project likely to go vertical in January or February.

Cobble Hill’s Long Island College Hospital will continue its transformation into the River Park apartments, with its first tenants arriving somewhere in early 2019. Construction at 5 River Park will extend into March, until the building’s 15 floors are complete, with a second tower also on its way. A 15-story condo is slated to begin constriction at 1 River Park early on in the year, too.

Staten Island’s Empire Outlets will become available to the public in spring, while the nearby lighthouse project will open around the same time. Construction on a second phase of the lighthouse project is also likely to begin in 2019.

The Bronx Point residential and retail project will break ground in late 2019, with the first phase set to be complete by 2022, while workers will be working to complete construction on Brooklyn’s Pacific Park’s 500-plus foot rental tower throughout the year. Elsewhere in Brooklyn, the borough’s second largest tower, at 11 Hoyt, will finish construction sometime late in 2019, while the Brooklyn Bridge Park will see a new outdoor café open, and the installation of a 26-meter-long walkway for an art retrospective which will be in place until June. The 407-acre Shirley Chisholm Park in Brooklyn will also open up this summer. Construction on various other natural landscapes will get underway as well, including Pier 55 on the Hudson River, which is slated to be finished in 2021.

Several New York landmarks are facing renovations this year, including the Union Carbide Building, at 270 Park Avenue, which will be razed and replaced with the new 2.5 million square-foot headquarters of JPMorgan Chase. The lobby at the 550 Madison Avenue, aka the old Sony building, will also be renovated.

In skyline news, the 1,5500-foot Central Park Tower will top out in the first quarter of the year, with the narrower 1,428-foot tower of condos at West 57th Street nearing completion of its peak later this month. The One Vanderbilt tower will reach its full height by the end of the year, in December, at 1,401 feet.

Finally, New Yorkers should brace for ongoing transportation issues, as the L train will shut down for over a year starting on April 27th.

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