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Why Truck Accidents Are So Serious


The average car accident is capable of causing significant injuries. Even at low speeds, someone in a collision can experience lingering injuries, such as whiplash. The dangers of a traffic collision and the potential for lifelong consequences are only exaggerated in truck accidents.

Commercial trucks are permitted to weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which is roughly 20 times the weight of a passenger vehicle. Elementary physics makes it clear that a crash caused by an object of heavier weight will be more severe than a similar crash caused by an object of lesser weight. The end result is most often extreme injuries caused to drivers in smaller vehicles who get hit by a big rig.

The seriousness of a truck accident is increased all the more if a trucker is speeding at the time of a crash. Most commercial trucks are not supposed to travel faster than 55 miles per hour on highways. Yet when deadlines need to be made, a trucker may be tempted to speed well beyond this limit. Once again, the heavier and faster an object, the more damage it will cause upon collision with another and the higher chance of severe injuries inflicted on those involved.

People hurt in a truck accident may suffer:

At Belushin Law Firm, P.C., our Brooklyn personal injury attorneys recognize truck accidents as the highly serious legal matter that they are and react with equivalent urgency. If you or a loved one have been hurt in a trucking accident, we want to know what happened so we can see how our experienced representation can help. We are also capable of providing you with efficient yet genuinely compassionate legal advocacy if you lost a loved one in a trucking accident.

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