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Don't Post About Your Injury on Social Media


In this technological age, it is quite common for people of all ages to regularly post on social media platforms about their activities and other aspects of their daily lives. Whether on Facebook or Instagram, social media sites display status updates, photos, and comments of our experiences and opinions. If you’re involved in a personal injury case, however, it is wise to keep your personal life only personal.

In such a matter, you are seeking compensation for your injuries. As a plaintiff, you are expected to show any evidence—such as medical records, witness testimony, etc.—that you genuinely suffered harm.

The defense’s goal is to determine that you are not hurt or that your injuries weren’t caused by the accident. So what if you posted something on social media that contradicts the fact that you have a debilitating injury? The defense would use that post against you and avoid having to pay you compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

The following are examples of things people often post and how it can potentially affect their personal injury claim:

  • Posts about vacationing, relaxing, and dining out at extravagant places – These types of posts can bring into question your physical, mental, and emotional anguish you claim to be experiencing because of the injury.
  • Posts that show you engaging in athletic activities – Whether it is exercising or surfing, proving that you can still perform strenuous activity shows that you either exaggerating your physical injuries or they were not present in the first place.
  • Posts about partying or going out – Any posts that depict you “having fun” can counter your claim of experiencing emotional distress form your injury.

Many personal injury claims have been undermined by the plaintiffs themselves. It is imperative that you avoid talking about your accident and your doctor visits. Do not share anything regarding your injuries or reply to posts about your accident.

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