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NYC Subway Slip & Fall Accidents


Residents of New York City heavily rely on the city’s mass transportation system. More than 11 million people take the subway and buses every day, and on many occasions, without incident.

NYC’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is responsible for ensuring that these subways are properly maintained and devoid of any hazardous conditions. However, when the MTA fails to keep these subways safe, they may be liable for any slip and fall accidents and injuries.

Who is Responsible?

Injuries which occur from slipping in a subway terminal, or on the subway itself, are considered cases of premises liability. For your injuries, it means that the owner or management in charge of maintaining the premises – the subway – may be liable for injuries which occur due to unsafe conditions caused by negligence in maintenance of the property – subway or terminal.

However, since subway stations, train platforms, and other structures associated with the MTA are owned by City of New York governmental agencies, slip and fall cases which occur on MTA property are often difficult. The MTA has various laws enacted in its favor, protecting it from many forms of accident claims. Unlike the owners of private properties, the City of New York possesses immunity against many personal injury claims.

How Belushin Law Firm, P.C. Can Help You

If you believe that your injury was caused by a defective or hazardous condition in the New York City subway, our New York City personal injury lawyer will investigate your accident and collect evidence necessary to build an effective and personalize case strategy and recover your entitled compensation. Just because the MTA and City of New York are powerful entities, doesn’t mean that your rights are not important. Let us fight tirelessly for you immediately.

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