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Steps to Take After a Personal Injury Accident


When to File an Accident Report with DMV and Police?

New York law requires that an accident be reported to the DMV on form MV-104 when there is an injury or property damage exceeding $1,000. Also, you must file a police report if someone is injured or killed. Be sure to keep a copy of all accident reports for your own records and to turn into your own insurance company or the person who caused the accident's insurance company as well. The police will be able to determine who was negligent and at fault for the accident. Even if you are found to have contributed to the negligence, you still may be able to collect for your injuries and damages by a reduced amount of your negligence.

What Else You Should Do?

  • Be sure to exchange insurance information and driver information including driver's license number and address and telephone number of the other driver, any passengers or witnesses.
  • Take photos of the damage to your vehicle and of any passengers who are in the other driver's car to avoid insurance scams.
  • Seek medical attention and retain copies of medical and hospital bills.
  • Notify your insurance company.
  • If the at-fault driver contacts you or their insurance company calls you, direct them to your Brooklyn personal injury attorney. Refrain from speaking directly to them except for giving basic information about your name, address, and insurance information.
  • Keep copies of your missed days at work because of the accident and your injuries and lost wages and any receipts for out of pocket expenses in order to get reimbursed by the responsible party later.

A Brooklyn personal injury lawyer will be able to discuss what types of compensation you may seek in connection with your injuries, pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses and any loss of income.

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