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Revel Scooters: Novel Ridesharing Concept or Insurance Nightmare?

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Last year, a flock of black and blue mopeds appeared on the streets of Brooklyn and Queens. These scooters, owned by ridesharing service Revel, ushered in a new mode of transportation to New York City’s ever evolving landscape.

But, is this new type of mobility a good thing? Our personal injury attorneys take a look at how safe these scooters actually are, as well as what to do if you are involved in an accident while riding one.

How Does Revel Work?

Anyone over 21 can take one of Revel’s 1000 plus scooters for a spin whenever they want—all they need is a valid driver’s license, an app, and a few bucks.

New users are required to pay one-time fee of $5 to verify their identity and driving record on the Revel app to get set up. Users are then taken through a brief tutorial on the app before their first ride—otherwise, no special training or license is required. Each ride costs a dollar plus 25 cents per travel minute.

The accessibility and ease of renting a Revel has made them ubiquitous on New York City’s streets in less than a year’s time.

How Safe Is Revel?

The maximum speed of a Revel electric scooter is 30 mph. They aren’t allowed on major roads, highways, sidewalks, or bike lanes. The company will fine you if you drive on forbidden roads or go out of range. Helmets are required, two of which come with each bike.

Due to the above restrictions and requirements, riding a Revel is generally safe—at least on paper. Meanwhile, the lack of training required to ride has come under scrutiny and people have been sighted driving recklessly around NYC without a helmet.

There is also the fact that, while Revel poses a unique alternative to other rideshare services such as Lyft and CitiBike, it also presents similar problems, such as how to handle an accident.

Who Is At Fault If I Get Into an Accident With a Revel?

Despite the safety measures Revel has put in place, accidents are inevitable. Even the most careful drivers are at risk every time they get behind the wheel—moped riders are no different.

In August 2019, a cyclist filed a lawsuit against Revel because a person driving one of their scooters ran into him. The Revel rider rammed the cyclist from behind while the two of them were trying to make a left turn. The cyclist fractured his ankle and required surgery.

So, what if something similar happens to you? Revel provides “insurance with every ride” according to their website. If you get into an accident while riding a Revel or if a Revel user hits you, tend to any injuries, call the police to the scene, and collect the other parties’ insurance information as you normally would.

Next, contact Revel with the following information:

  • Where, when, and how the incident occurred
  • The license plate number of the rental

Finally, seek the advice of an experienced New York rideshare accident attorney. At Belushin Law Firm, P.C. we’ve recovered millions for our clients since 2002. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.