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Brain Injuries in NYC Streets


New York City is considered an extremely dense population, especially when it comes to traffic on the roads and highways. There is no surprise that this area has the highest number of accident-related head traumas due to its crowdedness. Not only do cars must share the streets with other vehicles, but also with bicyclists and pedestrians alike.

NYC hospitals treat thousands of traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases every year. According to estimations, over 15 percent of these cases are the result of car accidents, compared to 40 percent that are caused by falls.

Preventing TBI in NYC Streets

In 2014, Vision Zero—a city program of street-safety engineering and traffic enforcement—officially began in New York with the goal of eliminating traffic deaths altogether. After Vision Zero, there have been 40% fewer bicycle and pedestrian deaths.

In practice, the program reduces injuries and fatalities by doing the following:

  • Adding speed and red-light cameras to areas with heavy foot traffic
  • Re-timing traffic lights
  • Adding bicycle paths
  • Shortening pedestrian-crossing distances
  • Simplifying complex intersections
  • Narrowing traffic lanes

It appears that the more the city redesigns its intersections, the more residents and visitors alike will benefit. However, the program has treated more affluent neighborhoods compared to poorer ones. In fact, lower-income neighborhoods are still the more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.

The following are good tips for pedestrians to avoid suffering TBI caused by NYC traffic:

  • Avoid using your cellphone while walking
  • Use sidewalks when they are available
  • At night, wear bright or reflective clothing
  • Stay aware of traffic signs and signals, so you’ll know when it is safe to walk and when you should wait

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