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It was an accident!

It was an accident!

I once saw an advert on the Television and even though I do not recall what it was all about, I vividly remember a particular sentence that jumped out at me "sometimes sorry is not nearly enough". I have seen so many movies where the barmaid mistakenly empties the content of her tray on a customer; where a gentleman engrossed on the phone bumps into a woman rushing out of the train station; where a colleague mistakenly drops the wrench on another colleague at the construction site; where the car behind gradually rolls into the one in front of it.

There are a thousand and one scenarios and they all have one phrase in common "it was an accident". This 'explanation' of why some perfectly groomed guy's shirt is now dripping Corona or why the woman who is rushing to pick up her kids from school now loses another 5 minutes struggling to gather the contents of her bag on the pavement is usually followed by the word 'sorry'.

In most cases, especially when the harm or injury caused is negligible as in the case of the Corona drenched shirt; 'sorry' makes it all better. It even brings out smiles on occasion; apologetic and forgiving. Like that advert says however, sorry is not always enough.

When Sorry Isn’t Enough

A broken collar bone, a serious injury at work, medical conditions brought on by automobile accidents, life altering and/or threatening conditions on account of an 'accident' are some of the situations where the inadequacy of an apology as a remedy is most apparent.

As the injured party, you should not have to suffer anymore than you already have. If you (or your loved one) have been in any situation where you have suffered harm as a result of an accident, employer or medical negligence or injury at work, we are here to ensure that you are adequately compensated for the injury within a very reasonable time frame. With experts working with personal injury cases including medical negligence/malpractice, car/train accidents, and birth trauma, in the State of New York, we will provide you with the most applicable legal advice and support.

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