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Construction workers are exposed to dangerous heavy machinery on an everyday basis. This machinery can seriously injure or kill a person if the machinery is not properly used, maintained, and guarded. If you or someone you love suffered an injured in a machinery accident, you should contact a Brooklyn machinery accident law firm as soon as possible to speak with an experienced Brooklyn construction accident attorney.

There are many different types of machinery that are used in construction work. From excavation to building to putting the finishing touches on a building – machinery of all kinds are used by construction workers every step of the way. Each piece of machinery poses a hazard to the health and safety of the employees. Some of the most dangerous kinds of machinery are power presses, woodworking tools, machines with gears and automatic feeds, and saws. However, almost any type of construction machinery can be dangerous and even deadly.

If you have been injured in a machinery accident on the job, schedule a free consultation with a Brooklyn construction accident lawyers at Belushin Law Firm to discuss your right to compensation.

When Construction Companies Are Negligent

There are specific safety regulations for the use of machinery that must be followed by a company and its employees. Depending on the type of machinery, it may need to be inspected, maintained, and safeguarded. Some of the reasons for machinery accidents include mechanical failure, inspection failure, failure to turn the machine off at the proper time, and lack of machinery safeguards. Depending on the specific machine, your Brooklyn construction accident lawyer will have to determine whether or not the correct safety instructions were followed by your employer.

Some of the common machinery injuries include crushed fingers and hands, amputation, burns, and blindness. All of these injuries are permanent and life-altering, and often prevent an employee from returning to gainful employment because of their serious injury. If you have been injured in a machinery accident, you need a dedicated team of Brooklyn machinery accident lawyers to represent you in your claim.

Pursue Justice for Wrongful Deaths

If your loved one was killed in a machinery accident, you may be able to bring a claim for wrongful death. Machinery accidents can result in brain damage, blood loss, or severe trauma that can lead to the death of the employee. If your family is struggling after the loss of a loved one in a machinery accident, you need a compassionate and dedicated legal team to fight for your rights. The Brooklyn wrongful death attorneys at Belushin Law Firm can handle your claim.

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